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        Welcome to LIGHTMANS Technology Co., Ltd.

        (86) 15915368586
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        ABOUT US


        SHENZHEN LIGHTMANS Technology CO.,LTD is a professional company for LED control system,lights project and intelligence control module. The company integrate the trading, product development and manufacturing in a body. Take the lead postion of LED TRIAC,0-10V dimming ,1-10Vdimming,intelligence lights.

        Our r&d team has 15 years r&d experience in the smart industry and has led the development of various high-end intelligent control systems. Our LED triac dimming driver,0-10V dimming driver & 1-10Vdimming driver can be compatible with any dimming system. Such as illumination of dynalite , LUTRON , Creston ,Philips ,OSRAM ,Clipsal, LDS, ABB,HDL,ASF, Schneider, SIEMENS, Leviton, JUNG, Berker , Be Lichtregle , Helvar , KNX ,etc. They are widely used in hotel,club and villa. And can achieve 0-100% smooth and no flicker dimming.

           There is a Dimming there is LIGHTMANS.Let’s work together to create brilliant future!

        Telephone:  15915368586
        Fax: 0755-29678778
        Mr Li : 15915368586

        Mrs Xiao:13760302798
        http: / / www.hnpxbl.com

        Address : 11F,A District,Building B,QingHu Science Park,Qingxiang Road,LongHua  District,Shenzhen,Guangdong 

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